[NetBehaviour] DVblog is 1000 today

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Feb 16 14:32:19 CET 2010

Hi Michael & all,

Happy thousandth post!

I visit DVblog regularly, there is nothing like it. When visiting the 
site you are guaranteed to experience  all kinds of surprises.

 From DVblog - http://dvblog.org/ I have chosen some of my own faves, 
that have recently been posted on there :-)

T®1p±?(|??????///? ? – jimpunk

Velvet Jacko – Antonio Mendoza

core duo riddim – abe linkoln

Annie Abrahams & Curt Cloninger - Double Blind

Picot et al – Dr Hairy & the London Hospital

Ashley Watson - What makes for a grievable life?

wishing all well.

> Hi
> today DVblog hits our thousandth post in its current incarnation.
> Since 2005 we've been posting stuff on the deep curatorial principle that it gives us -to a greater or lesser extent- goose bumps.
> Do come and have a look and trawl through our fascinating and extensive archive of online video art ( and..er..I dunno..um - *para* ?, *meta* ? art)
> http://dvblog.org/
> cheers
> michael
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