[NetBehaviour] Liminality Call for works SL/RL exhibition, Chicago 4/2, 2010

Lichty, Patrick plichty at colum.edu
Thu Feb 18 01:39:44 CET 2010

A Mixed Reality Exhibition of Second Life Art
Curated by Patrick Lichty
email: plichty at colum dawt edu
Opening April 2, Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL
Entries Due: March 10-15, 2010,
Notification: March 15-17, 2010,
Reciept of Work: By March 27, 2009

Liminality describes the nature of being “in-between”; neither here nor there – or perhaps here and there.  This exhibition explores the nature of liminality though examining work from the virtual world, Second Life, and its dialogues with issues of physicality via an exhibition at Antena Gallery, Chicago and on I Am Columbia Island in Second Life.  The show will include objects, mixed reality performance, video, print and virtual installation in either physical, virtual or mixed-reality forms.   What is the nature of art when it emerges in  virtual worlds, and what happens when it attempts to emerge into physicality, and vice versa?  What is the nature of presence in virtual art?  How does it make us feel? This is the aim of this exhibition.

Artists working in Second Life are welcome to submit works for this exhibition.  All works, from objects (print, sculpture, installation), media (video, machinima), live art (performance), and virtual installation are welcome.  Artists are invited to send documentation and specifications for installation (physical or virtual) in the form of image, media or text.  Media are limited only to those that can be transferred to the curator by any means.  Artists will be responsible for shipping and insurance  for all works.

Artists include:
Gazira Babeli
Scott Kildall
Patrick Lichty/Cao Fei
Janell Baxter

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