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Thu Feb 18 11:29:02 CET 2010

Performance and Talks

3pm Performance: Mark Wayman
The biblical scapegoat was sent into the wilderness with a red cloth 
around its horns, carrying the people's sins. If the cloth turned white, 
the sins were absolved. For this new performance, Mark Wayman is the goat.

3.30pm Talk: Orange Alternative
Founded by the Major in Poland in 1981, the Orange Alternative staged 
absurd happenings in opposition to the communist regime. For this 
special event, the Major recounts the social and political context 
behind the phenomenon of the Orange Alternative.

5pm Talk: Rod Dickinson
Rod Dickinson will discuss the ideas that surround his Milgram 
Re-enactment with reference to some of his other projects that explore 
similar territory. He will also consider why the experiment still has an 
enduring resonance.

6pm Closing Drinks

Exhibition open: 12-6pm Friday - Sunday until 21 February

Scapegoat Society is curated by norn with Mark McGowan

Exhibition Artists:
Carolina Caycedo / Rod Dickinson / Orange Alternative / Rainer Ganahl / 
Jacek Niegoda / Mark Raidpere / Boris Sincek / Silke Wagner / Artur 


Sunday, 21 February 2010
15:00 - 20:00
Guest Projects    
1 Andrews Road, E8 4QL    
London, United Kingdom

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