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Yeah the webscraper is limited to youtube, for a series of reasons. One is to focus on users curating content rather then just self-promotion. youtube as censor against child porn ect.. is another. There is close to an infinite amount of videos available on youtube, we just need methods outside of popularity to sort through it all. So this simple taging system creates a loose narrative between often dis-similar videos. 
	I would love to expand it more but we've a surprisingly hard time running realtime streaming through building playlists using open source software. We had to modify a lot of components to get it to work in manner that all on-demand does yet stream like ustream does. Because of the possible copyright infringement we had to build our own platform. Please hit me off list about the playlist you build it sounds really interesting and would be lovely mod if the rendering can happen offline. 
	All the best. -splnlss

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> interesting. when i click "create show", all the options are youtube stuff. 
> so your station is youtube playlists?
> i like your instructions on how to set up an analog station.
> i've built a playlist feature into dbCinema, also. In dbCinema, a playlist 
> is a sequence of BrushSets and Brushes. A BrushSet is a set of brushes. A 
> Brush is a configuration of about 100 parameters. That can include a Google 
> image search term, or a local folder of images, configuration of the type of 
> images to be returned, if it's a Google image search. And configuration of 
> the type and shape of the brush. And the path it follows. And much else.
> The resulting playlists will play a particular brush or brushset for a 
> configurable length of time and then move on to the next BrushSet or Brush. 
> It's ambient video, painterly video. It's not regular video at all.
> There is this whole empire of representation in broadcast media that is so 
> dominative.
> Still, I enjoyed some of the funny Star Wars stuff I saw on omgimon.tv. Nice 
> work.
> ja
> http://vispo.com

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