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March  2010  4th& 5th –
Aix en Provence, France

Sonification (what, where, how, why)

The purpose of this symposium is to conduct a state of the art review of 
the use sonification*
within art projects, with a focus on the use of data taken from our 
(in a broad sense) as opposed to gestural interfaces or electronic 

What distinguishes sonification from other forms of data mediation?
What are the different ways in which sonification is used in art?
What parallels, similarities, differences & contradictions exist between 
the use of
sonification or audio display for technical & for artistic purposes?
What differences in the artistic approach does the use of realtime as 
opposed to
recorded data imply?
What is the importance of the relationship between the source of data 
and the way in which it is mediated?

* “Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information 
data to sound”.
G. Kramer, B. Walker, T. Bonebright, P. Cook, J. Flowers, N. Miner, and 
J. Neuhoff,
“Sonification report: Status of the field and research agenda,” Tech. Rep.,
International Community for Auditory Display, 1999, 
http://www.icad.org/websiteV2. 0/References/nsf.html.


Locus Sonus Lab
Julien Clauss, Alejandro Duque, Scott Fitzgerald,
Jérôme Joy, Anne Roquigny, Peter Sinclair.

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