[NetBehaviour] what i meant to say was

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 19 18:36:08 CET 2010

what i meant to say was

Trying to make a piece out of my twitterings, god I have nothing to give
the world but my brain to science (hopefully after death). Send me money
for why. Maybe I make big book listening to T'boli chant and instrument,
about professors and irs haters killing spree american empire downfall. Oh
lord, what's happening, i go onto this and suddenly there's this request,
no idea how to fill it, wish i could do some tricky stuff here TODAY I
WILL NOT BE DEPRESSED! (promise broken :-( Fear of death mingled w/sex.
nightmare. trying to get my digital work archived before i'm (im)properly
dead. I HATE BEING AN "HISTORICAL" FIGURE - screw my past work! and if
everyone sends me $18000, I'll have what? well, this didn't go anywhere; I
didn't get a cent. Have to try something new... if everyone who follows me
sends me $ I will have $300 however if everyone sends $300 I will have
$18000, enough to live on for a year! Thanx. but there's uglyfruit again
for us and all is not lost. Why does everyone in the Winter Olympics
require "redemption"? the ch'in (guqin) may be older than I thought, back
to the Ming; reading about the Rwanda genocide; NY Times depressing
editorial... I need 900 followers. Why? Why? Why? i think will sleep
later. too much psychological debris...

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