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Digimag 51 - February 09

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"...If you work in electronics you must know the devices to know how far you 
can go and often many interesting pieces of work are created by forcing the 
machines so that they can go beyond what they are capable of. Here 
serendipity comes into play, when you're working on the sensitive issue, 
because in reality you're working with things that come up, that were 
unforeseen. So you must have a foundation but then forget about it a little, 
so as to not remain attached to the issue, if not it's very difficult to get 
out of that situation. It's what happens when you study counterpoint for 
many years or harmony and at the end you only know how to do counterpoint 
and harmony exercises and that's dramatic. It's what happens to most 
composers. The technique is very important but you must not get trapped by 
it: it will be a topos, but technique is important mostly in order to 
transcend it. What is interesting are the paths that people use to get over 
it, to acquire the domain of what is difficult to transmit with language..."

JOSE' MANUEL BERENGUER" by Barbara Sansone & Jordì Salvado

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- LEONARDO SOLAAS - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1711
by Jeremy Levine

- JOSE' MANUEL BEREGUER - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1702
We had the pleasure and honour of going to meet José Manuel Berenguer in his 
home. He is a key figure in the electro-acoustic experimental scene in Spain
by Barbara Sansone

- CARLOS CASAS - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1700
The image of the Italian festival Netmage, created by the Spanish Carlos 
Casas, is a trace of an inner journey revealed for the first time to the 
by Silvia Bianchi

- DAVID COHN: SPOT.US - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1707
American Journalist, 27 years old, David Cohn from Spot.us started off as a 
freelance writing also for Wired, Seed Magazine, Columbia Journalism Preview
by Simona Fiore

- BENNET PIMPINELLA - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1712
Bennet is an eccentric experimenter in images in motion is pure glory for 
the eyes and the spirit. In balance between analogical and digital
by Alessio Galbiati

- AWARE OBJECTS - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1701
Visual voltage is the travelling exhibition whose Berlin version Visual 
Voltage Amplified had its opening on last January 7th at the Felleshuset
by Serena Cangiano

- PASSION AND FASHION - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1704
It has been almost three years since the publication of the results of a 
research about working practices in a number of fashion houses in Milan
by Zoe Romano

- ISABELLE CHOINIERE - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1703
Among the more interesting figures, the choreographer Isabelle Choinière has 
been developing a journey connected to sound qualities in movement
by Enrico Pitozzi

- CROATIAN BIENNAL 09 - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1709
Corners and Intersections is the title of the third edition of the 
Quadrilateral Biennial, also known as the Croatian Biennial
by Giulia Simi

- HARMONY KORINE: GUMMO - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1713
A critic elaboration Harmony Korine's cinema and artwork
by Francesco Bertocco

- ART TECH MEDIA - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1705
Art Tech Media brings together people coming from areas relating to subjects 
concerned with science, art and technology
by Barbara Sansone

- OPEN EDUCATION - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1708
Connectivism and learning education as netforming process.
by Simona Fiore

- PAOLA BIANCHI - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1710
Paola Bianchi's dancing body is everything, sometimes nothing, sometimes 
everything to discover, "expect" and fully understand
by Massimo Schiavoni

- WOMEN IN (VIDEO)GAMES - http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1706
Women in Games, 25-26 March at the University of Bradford, it emerged as one 
of the most important in the female world of videogame research and industry
by Luigi Ghezzi


Leonardo Solaas - La Mosca


Otolab - Videomoog 3.0 - Unpublished: Footage + Live - Netmage 2003

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DIGICULT is an online/offline Italian platform, created to spread digital 
art and culture worldwide. It focuses on the impact of new technologies and 
modern sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. DIGICULT 
is based on participation of more than 40 professionals, representing a wide 
Italian Network of critics, curators and journalists in the field. DIGICULT 
is the editor of the magazine DIGIMAG, which focuses on some cultural and 
artistic issues like internet art, hacktivism, electronica, video art, 
audiovideo, art & science, design, new media, software art, performing art
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Marco Mancuso (Digicult project Director and Teacher at New Academy of Fine 
Arts / Naba of Milan) ; Claudia D'Alonzo (International Doctorship in 
Audiovisual Studies, University of Udine) ; Bertram Niessen (Researcher at 
Sociology Deparment of Statale University Milan - Bicocca) ; Lucrezia 
Cippitelli (Phd at Sapienza University Rome and Teacher at Fine Arts Academy 
of L'Aquila)


Luca Restifo (Technical Consultancy) ; Claudia D'Alonzo  (Press Office) ; 
Martina Bartalini  (Web Editing) ; Giulia Baldi (Twitter & Facebook Editing) 
; Giuseppe Cordaro (Podcast Editing) ; Riccardo Vescovo (Graphic Design) ; 
Luigi Ghezzi (Web 2.0 Marketing) ; Laurea Magistrale in Traduzione 
Specialistica, Università IULM di Milano (Website Translations) ; Francesca 
Lattanzi - Emanuela Cassol - Sara Cavagna - Henriette Vittadini - Mimi Peña 
(Magazine Translations)


Tatiana Bazzichelli  ; Bertram Niessen  ; Teresa De Feo ; Luigi Ghezzi ; 
Giulia Baldi ; Domenico Quaranta ; Massimo Schiavoni  ; Monica Ponzini ; 
Annamaria Monteverdi; Valentina Tanni ; Lucrezia Cippitelli ;Silvia Bianchi 
; Claudia D'Alonzo; Barbara Sansone ; Giulia Simi ; Silvia Scaravaggi ; 
Maresa Lippolis ;Alessio Galbiati ; Antonio Caronia ; Clemente Pestelli ; 
Donata Marletta ; Valeria Merlini ; Stefano Raimondi ; Loretta Borrelli ; 
Carla Langella ; Marco Riciputi ; Elena Gianni ; Matteo Milani ; Francesco 
Bertocco ; Silvia Casini ; Jeremy Levine ; Alex Foti ; Serena Cangiano ; 
Micha Cardenas , Mark Hencock , Pasquale Napolitano ; Simona Fiore ; Zoe 
Romano ; Enrico Pitozzi ; Eugenia Fratzeskou ; Mattia Casalegno ; Robin 
Peckam ; Sabina Cuccibar ; Silvia Bertolotti ; Simone Broglia

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