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COMMONSense - London Book Launch.

Date: Thursday, 25 February 2010
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Location: Space Studios,
Street: Mare Street, Hackney,Town/City:     
London, United Kingdom

COMMONSense book launch


Many thanks to Space Studios for hosting this event.

There will be several short talks by contributors and others including 
Dougald Hine (editor of COMMONSense, Co-founder The Dark Mountain 
Project), Jim Previtt (Space Studios) & Jake Harries (Arts Programmer, 
Access Space).

What is COMMONSense?

It is a 62 page magazine created from submissions to a call for pieces 
which reflect a theme connecting the activities of Access Space to the 
wider world, "the commons". We asked for prose (stories, thoughts, book 
reviews, bibliographies...), poetry, photographs, cartoons, drawings or 

People sent us material relating to green issues, land ownership, social 
relations, the internet, copyright, software and a whole host of other 

COMMONSense was edited by Dougald Hine, with art direction by Anne-Marie 

The publication is being made available under a Creative Commons 
Attribution-Non-Commercial license
(see http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/uk/)

Dougald Hine of describes it like this:

"The theme of the issue is < COMMONSense >. Not so long ago, the only 
people who talked about "the commons" were historians; today, the
language of the commons is central to debates around intellectual 
property, environmental protection, and resistance to globalisation.
These international debates find their echoes here in South Yorkshire - 
in the activities of Access Space, recycling waste technology and 
promoting Open Source software, or in Grow Sheffield's efforts to build 
local food networks and seed city centre wasteland. Can talk of "the 
commons" help us find common ground between these kinds of projects? 
Does using the same words mean we've found a common language - or can it 
disguise different meanings and intentions

If you'd like a hardcopy, COMMONSense is avilable from Access Space for 
£4.00 + £1.50 p&p
Email: jake at access-space.org

ISBN: 9780955009143

This publication was made possible by the Arts Council of England, 
Yorkshire, through its support of the arts programme at Access Space.

Dougald Hine http://dougald.co.uk/
Anne-Marie Culhane http://www.amculhane.co.uk

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