[NetBehaviour] FEM_10 International art/live festival of women in Girona, Spain.

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Fri Feb 26 10:20:12 CET 2010

FEM_10 International art/live festival of women in Girona, Spain.

Opening: 04 March 2010, 10.30
 From March 4 until March 8


The cultural affiliation Gresol organizes for the seventh year in a row 
the International performance art/live art festival showcasing the work 
of women, the only festival in Spain since it assembles performers of 
the whole world. One year more, the festival will take place in the 
Cultural Centre Mercè de Girona under the title FEM_10 from March 4 
until March 8. In parallel with the actions, an International Seminar 
will be celebrated on performance with the participation of recognized 
teachers and critiques of art that will take place in Facultat de 
Lletres of the UdG.

For the first time, the festival will take the live art to the street, 
with the intention of bringing this art not known to the whole world 
over, with performances of the artists taking part in the Rambla of 
Girona. As every year, there appears a day of workshops directed by the 
artists for students of centers of artistic education and young artists 
and a free workshop for all the public ones. During the festival, also 
it will be possible to see a sample of projections and photography 
transferred by other festivals of live art with which FEM collaborates.

 From the reflections and the debate to the past edition on the art of 
action, there has been created ELAC (Europaean Live Art Center), a 
center of archive and investigation of the performance with head office 
in Girona, the first one of these characteristics in Spain. The whole 
visual and written material that is gathered from the FEM will be a part 
of this archive. The target is to gather information about the live art 
and to document her for the investigation and the teaching.

In this edition, FEM_10 has the target to produce a homage to the women 
artists who have centred his life on the creativity and, at the same 
time, to give space to young artists representatives of the new 
generations of the art of action. For this motive, this edition of the 
festival will devote itself to a generation of artists who have been 
fundamental for the development of the live art on a global scale. The 
festival will investigate the idea of the transmission of the knowledge 
between generations.

For this motive, recognized artists have been invited and with a big 
trajectory in the world of the art as Esther Ferrer (Donosti, 1937), 
Despina Olbrich-Marianou (Greece, 1945), Concha Jerez (Las Palmas de 
Gran Canaria, 1941), Myriam Bat-Yosef (Germany, 1931) and Eugenie 
Kuffler (Baltimore/EE.UU., 1949). Bat-Yosef and Kuffler repeat expressly 
for the FEM a performance that they realized together in the year 1982. 
Also, it will be the first performance of Bat-Yosef in 20 years.

Opposite to the experience, at the FEM_10 also new artists will be 
present but with a big projection, as Alba Blanco (Vigo, 1981), 
Christine Haase (Berlin, 1981), Holly Slingsby (Oxford, 1983) and Pa'Ma 
Torrents (Lleida, 1984).

04 March 2010, 10.30 Opening with performance by Concha Jerez (in 
Facultat de Lletres of University of Girona)
04 March, 11.30 conference with Tracey Warr (in Facultat de Lletres of 
University of Girona)
05 March, Conference of Alice Laagay and Blanca de la Torre (in 
University of Girona)
06 March, 19.00 Performance of Esther Ferrer, Concha Jerez, Despina 
Olbrich and Myriam Bat-Yosef

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