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The title of the thirteenth Sonic Acts Festival, The Poetics of Space, 
is derived from the English translation of the book La Poétique de 
l’Espace (1958) by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. In this work 
Bachelard meticulously describes the influence of space and architecture 
on humans and implicitly argues for a new type of architecture based on 
experience and imagination, an approach that is not only rooted in 
science or functionality.

Ever since the emergence of symphonic orchestras, composers and sound 
artists have expressly worked with the spatial aspects of sound. This 
includes research into the further electronic spatialization of 
classical ensemble works and orchestral works as well as researching 
acousmatics, a technique whereby sound is distributed through space in 
such a way that the original sound source is no longer perceivable. 
Besides the development of surround sound and acousmatics, the 
electroacoustic improvisation circuit started exploring how musical 
space and audio space could be made central during live performances...


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