[NetBehaviour] Why water flows downhill, oud and

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 28 07:15:44 CET 2010

Why water flows downhill.

The slalom crashing over the edge, we're in midair, I'm running downhill
and I can't really look to see where I'm going or whose berm centered on
it. Oud follows the wad; a sea arises there. Nikuko made the music to
reflect, water filled the land, flowed into the rapidly churning air: air
loomed in the middle, the very middle of the air, the very stones in the
middle of the air, "loomed in the middle the very middle of the air very
air stones."

(Snow-gave out, gone down, snow-go downhill, snow-grant, snow-granulation,
men ran to and fro dreaming of where to go.)


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