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Hi Michael, Ruth,


Many thanks for the suggestions - really really helpful. I had that Axel
Stockburger piece on my list already, but not the rest. The show's
finally beginning to coalesce a bit, but I still felt I'd not found
quite the right work to look critically at the role of technology in
teenagers' lives. So some really good tips in there. If anyone else has
thoughts do keep them coming!





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Hi Lauren 

I felt guilty about not replying to this for ages but I couldn't think
of *anything* teenager related, which says quite a lot about me , I

Ruth's reply prompted me think a bit harder and I remembered Michael
Daines who was a bit of a star on Rhizome as a teenager in the 2001 or
so. The one that people remember is "the body of michael daines" but he
also made a couple of other good things including a rather droll work
called "it is now safe to turn off your computer" . There's a Rhizome
memory lane editorial here:



I couldn't find any of the actual pieces though..


hope it's all going well!


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	Hi Lauren,
	Sorry for the tardy reply
	Been meaning to get back to you with a few suggestions.
	Jeanie finlay makes beautiful work (film, live, networked media,
all sorts) with different groups of people Including this, Teenland,
	Classic early (and controversial) netart notable for it's
uncomfortable intimacy and heat
	I found this on Turbulence---Beyond the Fire is an interactive
documentary by Sesh Kannan which tells the stories of teenage war
refugees and their journeys to the U.S.
	Although this probably wouldn't make ideal gallery viewing, an
online component of this nature might connect with the experience of a
section of local Margate teenagers. Could be a great spur for work with
the gallery education/outreach programme
	An old favourite of mine is Boys in the Hood - video, Axel
	"interviews with players of the controversial computer game
"Grand Theft Auto". The players deliver their perspective of the
narrative space of the game by giving detailed descriptions of
locations, movements, and actions in the game. These subjective accounts
of a shared space lead to a diffusion of the borders between 'real' and
	This from the 2008 Whitney Bienniale sounded pretty spectacular
	Teenage Lontano
	Marina Rosenfield invited 40 teenagers to engage in a musical
performance.  Under a speaker installation suspended overhead in the
vast Drill hall, each teenager wears a set of headphones and mp3 player
containing an original vocal score, derived from Gyorgy Ligeti's 1967
piece Lontano for orchestra.  As the choir performs Rosenfeld's "cover
version" of the Ligeti work, electronic sounds sweep in circles around
the architecture of the drill hall from a single horn rotating, like a
turntable, at 33 1/3 r.p.m. 
	David Valentine (Mediashed)  - Video Sniffing 
	Commercial (made using hacked CCTV footage) around Southend
	The Duelists (cctv freerunning film) made in Manchester's
Arndale Centre
	Golan Levin Kamal Nigam ,Jonathan Feinberg
Dumpster(visualization of online teenage breakup texts)
	Hope these are helpful. It's a great subject for a show.
	: )
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	Hello NetBehaviourists,
	For those who don't recognise my name, I'm a former full-fledged
Furtherfielder (Assistant Director and Co-Curator of HTTP) who is now in
a new role, but still an adjunct of sorts, and very much (perhaps more
than I knew!) a Furtherfielder at heart.
	I've been a NetBehaviour lurker and sometime-participant for a
long time now - I hope you don't mind my calling on you for some help. I
know this is a forum where an interesting discussion might arise... So
here goes...
	My new role is Curator at Turner Contemporary, an arts
organisation in Margate, Kent soon (next year) to open a new gallery.
The first big project I'm really getting stuck into is a major
exhibition now called Teenage, which will open next summer. It will
examine how Teenage - principally as a complex experience with an
ambivalent rap in contemporary culture - has been represented in art
since about 1900. It will also consider 'Teenage' as a concept with an
interesting and compelex history, resulting in the ambivalence we now
have as a culture toward young people - we both envy them for their
youth, and media and capitalism do all they can to exploit that image,
but we also collectively fear them (if the press 'they' get is any
	The project arose from lots of really good work they've been
doing here long before my time with both young people and older people
reflecting on their own experiences as teenagers. For those who don't
know it, Margate is now quite a deprived town so many of their
experiences are quite difficult, but it also has a really interesting
history wrt teenage - many people from all over the country will have
spent holidays here in their youth, and it became quite famous as a
place for different groups like Mods and Rockers to hang out (and
sometimes fight!). So many people have much more positive memories and
	The show will probably include artworks but also other stuff
like music, photographs, etc. I'm very very keen that it include some
great media art works and have been doing some research, but wondered if
anyone had made, seen or knew of any thing, recent or not so recent,
that might be relevant for me to look at. 
	I'm also happy to hear your thoughts on the project generally,
or your reflections on the idea of 'teenage'. It's quite a tricky
project to put together as a curator, esp as it's being led by someone
from our learning team. It needs to be relevant to lots of different
audiences - local, regional, national, international - but I don't want
it to be anything like a dry historical survey. So, any and all thoughts
very much appreciated! 
	Best to all,
	Lauren A Wright
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	Tracey Emin
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	I Never Stopped Loving You is commissioned by Turner
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