[NetBehaviour] An Interview with Danja Vasiliev.

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Thu Jun 3 12:23:19 CEST 2010

An Interview with Danja Vasiliev.

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Meat Space and the World Inside the Machine.

Marc Garrett talks to Danja Vasiliev about his personal works, ideas and 
intentions, asking what motivates him to use computers, technology and 
networks, as well as understand more about the social contexts and 
implications of his endeavors.

Danja was an Artist in Residence at Furtherfield's HTTP Gallery space 
between the 1st March - 9th April 2010. A Russian born computer artist 
currently living between Berlin and Rotterdam. Working with diverse 
methods, technologies and materials Danja ridicules the contemporary 
affection for digital life and questions the global tendency for 
cyborgination. Danja co-founded media-lab moddr_ in 2007 which is a 
joint project at Piet Zwart Institute alumni and WORM Foundation. Based 
in Rotterdam moddr_ is a place for artists and hackers, engaging with 
critical forms of media-art practice.

The email interview took place a few weeks after his residency. A recent 
collaborative project that many readers may already know of, by Danja 
Vasiliev, Walter Langelaar and Gordan Savicic, all part of the moddr.net 
group is,Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, which lets you delete your social 
networking profiles and kill your virtual friends. Danja is certainly 
prolific, he is also collaborating with New Zealander artist, Julian 
Oliver who is now based in Berlin. This interview unearths some of the 
ideas and intentions behind Danja's personal works, asking what 
motivates him to use computers, technology and networks, as well as 
understand more the social contexts and implications of his endeavors.


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