[NetBehaviour] Paper Moon 2nd Annual Aferro Art Auction and Party 6/19

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Sat Jun 5 01:45:31 CEST 2010

Gallery Aferro 73 Market St Newark NJ 07102
www.aferro.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT30f4YFwarpCtkDbszghT7-3vzgj4RmIe4Q2UIFArZKoGaUqY52LmTGADNtkmNTeP0CiJokgnEeDumGZnzNEZXh4eUSErHm-S9bTBBMJXAYFCyldjKmtJhPEUpJp36JCRBp8tg43tG_aCgpJd41PdtMv]_________________________________________________________________________
Blithe Riley
Paper Moon June 19, 7-10 pm
Art Party + Benefit Auction for Gallery Aferro [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT33SNLngamHsYNwGeVyhxs3UFG39B6bvtjgq1EwVR5oX1jYzcKwQjpQwt-PJsH0t-t8rXeZMCKAenxwtid-jh3ePPyeAaQQVIj7oKj4XkKBQZ39NUdr7wQ6snu6is6uf3UxZ0aBjVI4EFhQuvbwO7slPwfY-jtXgXuWPSxBoqQs61w==]Enlarge or establish your collection!
Enjoy signature drinks and great local catering and music by DJ Amanda of Brick 
City Burlesque!
Have your portrait taken with your choice of artist-created backdrops by:
Peter Brauch, Rick Reiser, Raul Villarreal and students from Newark's own Arts High
Bid on artworks by established and emerging local, national and international artists
Kenseth Armstead, Lathoriel Badenhausen, Lorna Barrowclough, Gregg Beckett, Katrina
Bello, Gianluca Bianchino, Jeanne Brasile, Peter Brauch, Jo Ann Brody, Mona Brody, Irene
Taheera Cochran, Margarida Corriea, Evonne Davis, Denise de la Cerda, Anne Dushanko
Alyssa Edmee Fanning, Lisa Elmaleh, Dahlia Elsayed, Susan E. Evans, Matt Gosser,
 Norman Greenwell
Julie Hair, Carla Hansen, Marion Held, Peter Herley, William Hudders, Stephen Hutchins,
Rebecca Jampol
Darren Jones, Jayson Keeling, Anki King, Hiroshi Kumagai, Robert Lach, Valeri Larko,
Norene Leddy
Ann LePore, Michelle Levante, Lara Loutrel, Nancy Mahl, Gayle Mahoney, Loretta Olivia
Karen Margolis, Teresa Marra, John Maters, Park McArthur, Anne Q. McKeown, Dave 
Stephen Mishol, Traci Molloy, Michelle Mumoli, Mathew Nicolosi, Sylvia Padilla, 
Joan Pamboukes
James Prez, Blithe Riley, Angela Rossi, Liz Sales, Jessica Santos, Irys Schenker,
Sam Sebren, DC Smith
Laurinda Stockwell, Helen Stummer, Stan Sudol, Aileen Tat, Amanda Thackray, Calla
Kai  Vierstra, Raul Villarreal, Joe Waks, Emma Wilcox, Andrew Wilkinson, Robert 
E. Williams
Michelle Wilson, Agnes Wszolkowski, Tony Zaza, Sue Zwick
Tickets on sale NOW!
Regular tickets
$20/advance (held at door)
$25 at door
VIP Tickets
$100 in advance (held at door)
$150 at door
BUY HERE [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT33SNLngamHsYNwGeVyhxs3UFG39B6bvtjgq1EwVR5oX1jYzcKwQjpQwt-PJsH0t-t8rXeZMCKAenxwtid-jh3ePPyeAaQQVIj7oKj4XkKBQZ39NUdr7wQ6snu6is6uf3UxZ0aBjVI4EFhQuvbwO7slPwfY-jtXgXuWPSxBoqQs61w==]Because of the generosity, inventiveness and enthusiasm of all involved last summer,
Gallery Aferro is expanding into the vibrant and lasting resource it is meant to
 be, available to all.This year, we need to ask for your help to make another leap.
In order to fully realize promising national and internaitonal exchanges, launch
 the large-scale on and off site events we have imagined, and unveil a highly functional
educational program addressing barriers to access,
we need to make Paper Moon, our 2nd benefit, a success.
For more information or to ask any questions about donating or the event, you can
email info at aferro.org
*VIP Tickets include advanced preview and auction bidding options, free hand delivery
within the tri-state area of artwork purchases over $200, and private tour of Gallery
Aferro studio resident's studios.
Also on view for 6/19:
Newark is Watching premier in the New Media Room
Utopian Standard: Bjørn Erik Haugen in the Liminal Space
Belott Financial Planning
Brooklyn Soda Works
Eden Gourmet
Empanadas dpm!
Glocally Newark
Harvest Table
Lotus Yoga
Low Life Digital
Medical Group PGA
Mi Gente
Phil Serrani's Bakery
Rossi and Company Inc
Sophia Sobers Photography
Stepon To Design
Elevator Music due 7/10

Musicians and artists working with sound are invited to
submit MP3's under 10 minutes in length to be played on permanent loop in the
freight elevator of Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, USA and archived as part of
Aferro Publications. Artist Adam Trowbridge will jury selections. Submission via
 email only. All the details here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT33AzMrefF5W1dH5E0Wvw--LtdaFP_RTW1qwNQ5ZMS5jkjuazNB5f2_rBbHR9Y99VMZ754aYJqLXSMYifSPxswSQytyUL-sw4sec08KB-BTqYJDC95WTVZ35kIIKtOmapCu0lrTH0LCJgLxLr391RGMfqXdONbbCLvCsHlSAIjD1IDZFxWnMBanD]________________________________________________________________________________________
Directions to Gallery Aferro here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT3307Y1hkFGsN6rbJuIy77sigz-Nv3rhxFjdfUzCQYSGphfcIfPQgZMs1y4Pg8t7JD9tiUa7Fwv6K18BhrAKa32I-Uj6G9INQD05BiwWp9PpS-AZ3V394HO5T677IViOBvaK3VjrjL1i75ZWj-37YSna-3kaONiw8mBdRkWT3CMfSPosoqCS9xdJ]visit us on facebook [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103450267046&s=10490&e=001FRXqMk-UT33HF9vRd8LT50RdSmm8lTkok_N-qU8oMGUylCXDc3hZEfAqvgO4ze8pIcKAzEpK-2fEibLThi_lz3u784kTCRcDK-VFhr0z8tvpzp23LZ12iFT4rmFDE5TTEruyF1HBPT4t6t54vNxLUPKMWag16n4vBFYF9iclYqZRhLwNIu-nLw==]

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