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The uninhabitable zone is a socially unacceptable but densely populated space.  Due to these qualifications it is essential in order to define, describe and expand the area of the Subject. The process is reversible because no matter how excluded the interfering infrastructure of the Subject is  from the contract, it is accepted as a derivative so the periphery and the rejected, the excluded (Verwrenfung) become one surface on the Body of society.  To live in Verwerfung is to live in a de-territorialized discontinuity, schizophrenically and machine like, advocating plurality as an act of creativity and thus a language of critique. We can not avoid hegemony/ the mainstream, we can only submit to it speeding up the end, accepting and going into transformations as synthetic requirements of the madness of illogical practice. In the gray, ghettoized, utopian non-democratic zones language buzzes and is wedged. The image/personality/subject/identity is autistic, rejected, isolated, unnecessary and thus it is unavoidably satisfied, optimistic because it steals language (the language of skills, the language of foreigners, the language of psychology, the language of a nation, the language of economy, the language of new technologies, forgotten languages, the languages of all possible alienation) it intensifies its satisfaction and in a Riemann's  surface departs and extinguishes itself like exhaustion and a decision a machine would make. 

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