[NetBehaviour] TINT Arts Lab Opens its Doors with its First Season!

Jonathan Munro jonathan at tintarts.org
Tue Jun 8 15:03:27 CEST 2010

We are delighted to present our newly opened TINT Arts Lab! Bringing  
TINT a signifying step forward to realise our core aims in fostering a  
sustainable and questioning media arts community!

The TINT Arts Lab is a platform that offers invited artists a space to  
present a new project in the form of a self contained blog. Its  
motivation is
to nurture an open and public discussion of the projects concept,  
context, development, presentation and documentation between the  
  a core team of commentators, which include Michael Demers, Susan  
Elizabeth Ryan, Greg J. Smiths and Pau Waelder and also the interested
media arts community (that’s you!). Please don’t shy away to express  
your own thoughts. Critical but fair feedback to the artist’s projects  
  the arts lab in general is highly appreciated. The arts lab is in  
its first season and we see it in a beta phase.

Born out of curiosity it shall remain an open platform in constant  
change. A probe that will help to learn more about media arts and its  
modes of production, documentation, and reception in an age of crowd- 
sourced networked complexity.

This week the Arts Lab has opened its doors, ready to run its first  
season. Please join our residents in their open ended journey towards  
a new piece of work:

This Belongs To by Glittermouse
A public participation project launched by Glittermouse in which  
contributors use light and shadows to temporarily claim spaces.

Jonestown Periphery by Aaron Oldenburg
Aaron Oldenburg makes use of geo-coded video interviews to explore the  
(re-)representation of past and present places around Jonestown, Guyana.

Mechanical Components by Stuart Dunbar
Stuart Dunbar presents the concept and development of a musical  
sculpture that can engage in intimate interactions with the viewer.

The Unemployed by Jody Zellen
Unemployment statistics culled by Jody Zellen from all over the world  
will become aimless wanderer stopping only to occupy the curious.

Colour Data Processing by Lossless Processing + Error (Jordan Tate,  
Adam Tindale, Ryan Boatright)
Lossless Processing + Error are concerned with image sorting, accuracy  
of colour reproduction, and loops that compare reality and digital  

On the Materiality of the Image by Eleana Louka
Found images will be used by Eleana Louka to explore materiality of  
the digital in juxtaposition with the physicality of body.

Relation Alterations by Lauren McCarthy
Lauren McCarthy continues her Tool Series and integrates electronics  
into a table to investigate how objects can influence and mediate our  
social interactions.

Virtual Assistance by Andrew Norman Wilson
Andrew Norman Wilson will continue to use outsourcing strategies to  
investigate globalized labor, capital, and information.

Please find more information on the arts lab website: http://lab.tintarts.org 
. Keep informed of residencies new postings and comments by  
subscribing to our RSS feed!

The TINT Team

Please find more information on the arts lab website: http://lab.tintarts.org 
. Keep informed of residencies new postings and comments by  
subscribing to our RSS feed.
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