[NetBehaviour] Contemporary Art and New Media: Toward a Hybrid Discourse.

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Thu Jun 10 11:57:50 CEST 2010

Contemporary Art and New Media: Toward a Hybrid Discourse.

Curator Nicolas Bourriaud, ZKM CEO Peter Weibel, and artist Michael 
Joaquin Grey will address the topic, "Contemporary Art and New Media: 
Toward a Hybrid Discourse?" at Art Basel on Saturday 19, June, 1-1:30 
pm. The discussion is being convened and moderated by Edward A. Shanken.

Contemporary Art and New Media: Toward a Hybrid Discourse?

Since the mid-1990s, new media has become an important force for 
creative culture and economic development. Supporting institutions 
including Ars Electronica, ZKM and Eyebeam have expanded, while 
interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs at the intersections of art, science, 
and technology have proliferated internationally. Simultaneously, 
mainstream contemporary art experienced dramatic growth, propelled by 
the proliferation of venues from Art Basel Miami to the Shanghai 
Biennial and by the creativity of artists, curators, dealers and 
pedagogues. Yet rarely do these two artworlds meet. As a result, their 
discourses have increasingly diverged. To what extent are new media art 
and mainstream contemporary art commensurable? Is it possible to 
construct a hybrid discourse that offers insights into each, while 
enabling greater mixing between them? What roles have educational 
programs and cultural institutions played in fostering these divides and 
how can they contribute to suturing them? What insights into larger 
questions of emerging art and cultural forms might be gleaned by such a 


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