[NetBehaviour] he's leaning back

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jun 14 07:57:04 CEST 2010

he's leaning back


he's leaning back, he's staring into space, his hands almost enveloping,
his face neutral, his legs landing after a difficult move, a bustiere or
torso encompassing his own, a halter riding askew holding everything in
place, there are two boots of different colors adjacent to his naked body,
whatever might be thinking there, a cone or protuberance between them, not
a codpiece or penis, wrong-headed for that, he's dancing with these or
behind them, or they're pulling him into place, it's a new ballet, or he's
motivated, intent and intended, he'll be drawn into them, or they're
motivating him, or they're uncaring, nonchalant, or he'll transmit the
dancing to julu twine, to julu someone, or he'll be transmitted or the
dancing will be transmitted or he'll be leaning back falling and turning,
or they'll draw him forward, draw him forth, or they'll be comforting him,
or he'll be clothed and comforted, he'll be held singing lovely lovely,
he'll be held singing lovely, or they'll be holding him, they'll be
singing to him, they'll be doing lovely singing, lovely lovely singing to
him and leaning back

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