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Today at BASEL all visitors of all countries play at VOLTA6!

Visitors of all countries play The Celestial Hopscotch while The Volta 
Show! http://www.voltashow.com/              

The Celestial Hopscotch will be streaming today on Internet at 6pm there 
http://aether9.org/ in partnership with Dock18 (*).              

Direct link 

Facebook event  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=100175690028339      

The Celestial Hopscotch grid will be drawn on the outskirts of Volta 
Show in parallel of the International Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland. 
Another was drawn in Paris on May 19 in rue de l'Exposition (Exposition 
Street). The last Celestial Hopscotch grid will be drawn before the 
Marathon of Shanghai is run just before the closing of the 2010 World's 
Fair, as part of the Global Poetic System project.              

Franck Ancel is having an event which will commence a few hours after 
the official opening of the Shanghai World's Fair. He proposes to each 
of you to experience a virtual pavilion. This is one year before China 
launches its uninhabited module "Triangong-1" into space. When 
translated literally, its name means "Celestial Palace", where the 
Taikonauts will conduct experiments in zero gravity.              

Franck Ancel had already brought up this near future in his artistic 
project <<1957/2007: from Sputnik Satellite to Explorer Art>>. That 
cosmic dimension is today a major factor in the planetary imagination. 
In, during a conference he gave in Silicon Valley, he even imagined "A 
Scenography towards a Planetary Network for Shanghai 2010", also 
concerned with satellites. (1)              

Without any satellites, the current conception of the Universal 
Exposition has transformed the narrow streets of Shanghai, where the 
universal game of hopscotch (2) had been played by the city's youth for 
centuries. Now, Ancel will create a Celestial Hopscotch in the 
zerography of planetary consciousness.              

At the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1900, Loïe Fuller danced under 
the flag of its electricity pavilion. Ancel offers the chance for 
everyone to design their own virtual Pavilion, to "dance" on the ground 
of world cities, a hopscotch grid already present on five continents 
where the land becomes zero and the sky infinite.              

Franck Ancel previously put continental universality into play in 2005 
during his trip from Shanghai to Europe when he created the world 
premiere, broadcasting a real time video from the air lasting 64 minutes 
live over the internet via satellite, at more than 900 kilometers per 
hour and at an altitude of nearly 30,000 feet.              

64 words per minute were broadcast in this video in this manifesto in 
order to construct a personal cosmological lexicon. For this new event, 
they will make up the eight squares of the Celestial Hopscotch grid, 
which each can fill in from his own imagination. It is this type of 
numerological alchemy that will orient our event from Zero to Infinity 
under the dome of the Temple de Pentemont in Paris on June 26, using as 
its basis an original, as yet unseen, manuscript by Mallarmé.     

Contact Franck Ancel              
E ancelfranck at gmail.com              
M +33 676 470 610              

Franck Ancel is Zerographer. Craftsman of his life for nearly forty 
years, of which half has been spent on projects that can be definied in 
20 connections: 1989-2009 / invisible-visible / architecture-environment 
/ Kiesler-Polieri / neo-avant-garde / space-time / technology-science / 
language-form / network-data / history-memory / freedoom-love / 
screen-stage / sounds-colours / lighthouse-satellite / desert-island / 
community-being / body-mouvement / past-future / skin-soul / 


(2) Chinese texts mention it as early as 2357 B.C.              

(*) http://www.dock18.ch/

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