[NetBehaviour] Update on Furtherfield's broadcasts on Resonance FM.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Jun 16 16:07:11 CEST 2010

Update on Furtherfield's broadcasts on Resonance FM.

We have finished an extremely enjoyable, informative and challengiing 
season of broadcasts on Resonance FM, and are now having a break until 
September 2010.

But, don't expect us to slacken our passion in connecting with others. 
During this break-time, we will be recording interviews and preparing 
new programmes. In fact, we've already started.

The first season has already produced a rich and accessible archive (for 
download) of intelligent, 'live' radio based conversations and debate 
around Art, Technology and Social Change. Offering a valuable resource 
for all who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the wider 
context of a thriving media arts culture and varied related practices. 
We aim to change art and culture, by making the creative noise that we 
are proudly part of more visible to a larger audience, whilst 
maintaining its critical contexts at the same time.


Guests featured on the Programmes so far are:

Danja Vasiliev - computer artist, hacker.
James Wallbank & Steve Withington - Access Space.
Lottie Child - founder of Street Training.
Dougald Hine & Pete Gravell - Space Makers Agency.
Pete Gomes - artist, film Director.  
Thomson & Craighead - networked arts, media artists.
Corrado Morgana - Games theorist, gamer & researcher.
Stewart Home - artist, anti-artist, cultural activist.
Richard Wright - artist, animation, interactive installations.
Douglas Dodds (V&A) - co-director of Digital Pioneers.
Sophie Macdonald and Sally Northmore - Mztek.
Dr Nick Lambert - Digital Media Arts at Birkbeck University.
Jim Prevett - SPACE Media, Hackney, London.
Kasia Molga - networked arts, interdisciplinary artist.

All programmes can be downloaded from link above...

Who to expect in the next broadcasts from September:

Heath Bunting, Arts Catalyst, Jeremy Bailey, igloo, 
Deckspace/Deptford.tv, Class Wargames, Ellie Harrison, Avatar Body 
Collision, The NeoFuturist Collective, ambienttv, Proboscis and more...

This regular live show highlights current activity and controversies 
around contemporary practices in art, technology and social change, 
discussing events, exhibitions, debates and their social contexts with 
all manner of player and participant. Features include lively debate and 
interviews with artists, techies, writers and curators, interspersed 
with bleeding-edge music, some from Furthernoise.org, and a rolling 
programme of experimental creative adventures for your amusement.

This programme is part of 'Hyperlink: Media Art Contexts' whose 
principal aim is to present and promote high-quality contemporary media 
art work, alongside critical discussion of past, present and future 
media art in a contemporary art context.

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About Furtherfield.org
Furtherfield.org believes that through creative and critical engagement 
with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to 
become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. 
Furtherfield.org provides platforms for creating, viewing, discussing 
and learning about experimental practices at the intersections of art, 
technology and social change. Furtherfield.org also runs HTTP Gallery in 
North London.


About ResonanceFM
ResonanceFM is "a laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue of its 
uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and creators. 
All this and more, Resonance104.4fm aims to make London's airwaves 
available to the widest possible range of practitioners of contemporary 

Resonance 104.4FM

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