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¤ Piksel10

¤ 1. Archipelagos in Nantes [summit]
¤ 2. XI Media Forum in Moscow [festival]
¤ 3. Piksel SummerCamp 2010 [workshop]
¤ 4. Funware Shared Residency [residency]
¤ 5. PikselSavers - Call for Entries [festival]




The Piksel Festival is organized for the eight time the 18th-21th November 

Project registration is now closed and we are currently reviewing proposals. 
More info will be posted after the selection process is finished around mid 

MORE: http://piksel.no/festival/piksel10


Piksel is involved in several off-festival activities throughout 2010, both
locally in Bergen, nationally and in collaborative projects internationally.
These activities are named Piksel Pulse.

■■ 1. ARCHIPELAGOS [summit]

Piksel participated in the Archipelagos project arranged by APO33 in Nantes
25-30 May 2010. Archipelagos is a collaboration between APO33 and ECOS that
seek to explore the gaps or in-between spaces of Art, philosophy, 
architecture,urban, rural, ecological and social points of departure and 
crossover. The project was formed as a summit and included a varied program of 
presentations, workshops, installations, walks and projections.

PROGRAM: http://www.apo33.org/eng/?page_id=597

■■ 2. MOSCOW XI MEDIA FORUM [festival]

Piksel is invited to the Media Forum 2010 (17.-23. June) in Moscow to present
the festival and corresponding program, together with representatives from
Transmediale, PRIX Ars Electronica and Japan Media Art Festival.The Media 
Forum has been organized as part of the Moscow International Film Festival 
(MIFF) for the last 11 years, with the aim "to demonstrate the connection 
between traditional and modern branches of screen culture, the impact of 
technological innovations on visual arts."

MEDIA FORUM PROGRAM: http://mediaforum.mediaartlab.ru/program/?lang=en
MIFF: http://www.moscowfilmfestival.ru/miff32/eng

■■ 3. PIKSEL SUMMERCAMP 2.-8. AUG 2010 [workshop]

Piksel Summer Camp is an international gathering of artists, developers 
and creators working with free and open technologies, taking place at the 
idyllic island of Skjerjehamn outside Bergen, Norway. The program will consist 
of presentations, workshops and performative events proposed and organized by 
the participants themselves, before and  during the Summer Camp.
A particular focus is set on hands-on exploration, discussion and development 
of tools and applications for open video editing technologies.

The call for participation is now open.
!!!! Deadline – JULY 01. 2010 !!!!

Please use our online form to register:

MORE: http://www.piksel.no/pulse/summercamp


BALTAN, NIMk and Piksel have launched an open call for proposals as part
of the exhibition project Funware. The aim of the call is to find new software 
art projects that can be developed in the period of June – November 2010 
through a shared residency.
The new work developed during the residency will be presented in the Funware 
exhibition at MU in Eindhoven, at HMKV in Dortmund and as part of the Piksel 
festival 2010.
The call is now closed and we are in the final selection process.

BALTAN: http://www.baltanlaboratories.org/
NIMK: http://nimk.nl/

■■ 5. PIKSELSAVERS  - Screensavers that makes a difference! [festival]

Piksel @ Meta.Morf

As part of the screening programme at the Meta.Morf Biennal in Trondheim, 
Norway oct. 7 - nov. 7 2010, Piksel will curate a special event called 

PikselSavers use the screensaver as a point of departure and inspirational 
springboard connecting to the main festival theme 'New.Brave.World'. 
We are looking for videos and software based on the screensaver format - short 
audiovisual (non)narratives made for endless looping.  Possible thematic fields  
includes but are not restricted to: sustainable resource allocation, renewable 
technologies, energy harvesting, fair trade hardware, free content, open 
access, DIY economy, shared development.

Call for Entries

Please use our submission form at http://piksel.no/pulse/pikselsavers or send 
a mail with  a short description of the work and bio of author(s) to info [at] 
piksel.no. A preview version of the work should be provided as an online or 
downloadable video or source code. The following criteria must be met:

- Format: digital video or executable software including sound made to run 
full screen at minimum 720p resolution.
- The work must be produced using free/open source software.
- Videos should be available in a free/open format (ogg/theora/dirac).
- Software works should be available as source code under a free/open license.

   !!! Deadline - July 5th 2010 !!!

MORE: http://www.piksel.no/pulse/pikselsavers
META.MORF: http://www.metamorf.no

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with
Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice.
Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and
involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas,
coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances
and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.

Piksel10 - 18-21 nov. 2010

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