[NetBehaviour] i am cute

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Wed Jun 23 02:48:43 CEST 2010

i am cute, call the bomb squad,

i wrote a new book called "the insightful terrorist"
it's a cult classic already, much hailed by control societies,

but it's not printed yet nor written, slowly sulphur,
it's too late, cute loser, lost clause, cute stupid dross pants,

steganographical omnipotent orthogonological stereoscopic stream of
blushing pedantic gallantry,
gregarious treadmill, bear my sweet lipstick stock holders coveted
corduroys clang rash trickle,
buxom blowtorch might my sweltering shizzle slick yonder brush spear
elliptical river dredging machinery?

i am cute, call the aplomb splodge, analytical scientific displacement
fronds tearful, religious quantum circuitry,

Spare me the vitriol, spear me a quipper, spray me a tenterhook,
quadruple me genetically, render my fat of the bland, thesaurus,

spare me the randomly written nonsense i beg, ye advertiser marketing
man, spray yourself with bullets silver and pray they hit me too.

dun dun duh squib death to my writing death fits me up work is a
signpost to death the future is orange street lighting gloomy markets
grey clouds insidious bafflement infinite boredom, nothing, work

dun dun dehhhhhh flux trample stoop

den den darrggghhhhh xr3 spoiler

frantic kettle oxidize eye lion curvilinear stretch ratio octogram
species pilattes plastered render giddy
as cute as a jack hammer bouncing on a trampoline surrounded by loved ones.

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