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An event in the spirit of the Probes

Performances – Installations – Shows – Laboratory – Probe

from 19 July to 25 July from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
in la Chartreuse, Villeneuve lez Avignon, France

Financial speculations against the states, climatic issues, natural 
disasters, oil slicks, Europe crisis… Through the news, the screens, the 
satellites and the press, we are being assaulted with flows of 
continuous information that contact us instantaneously with the entire 
world. A global village where distance has been abolished. We live both 
in an infinitely expanded space and a more and more accelerated and 
compressed time. Short sighted operations, according to immediate 
situations, chase political and historical visions away. Actuality dries 
up in the multiplicity of its effects and the meaning darkens. But, at 
the same time, if we feel that something is arising, this “something” 
has probably to be searched nearby the planet. How can we put on the 
globe on stage today? How can we take hold of what is taking hold of us 
on a worldwide level? Can theatre be the echo chamber of a global 
consciousness? Can theatre be a vision machine of the planet?

with christophe bruno, eli commins, valérie cordy, compagnie adesso e 
sempre (julien bouffier), compagnie haut et court (joris mathieu), 
compagnie señor serrano (alex serrano), frédéric ferrer, kom.post, jean 
lambert-wild, franck meyrous, t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e

the programme / the rules of the game, see http://sondes.chartreuse.org

in collaboration with l'Observatoire de l'Espace du Centre National 
d'Études Spatiales, le festival Hybrides, la Boutique d'écriture du 
Grand Toulouse

webcast live on www.selfworld.net

on July 25th, « Experimentation between artists and scientists”, in 
collaboration with Ircam, within the Meridien network Sciences/arts/society

information and booking:
by phone +33 (0)4 90 15 24 45
by mail : loc at chartreuse.org
in la Chartreuse:
from 14 June to 4 July : Monday to Saturday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
5 July to 24 July : every day from 11a.m. to 6 p.m.

also at the booking office – billetterie of Festival d’Avignon.

La Chartreuse
Rue de la République
F-30400 Villeneuve lez Avignon
www.chartreuse.org (coming soon)

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