[NetBehaviour] Mr. Nipkow’s Spinning Manchurian Diorama, Reconstructed

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Wed Jun 23 16:36:36 CEST 2010

Mr. Nipkow’s Spinning Manchurian Diorama, Reconstructed

24/6/10  18:30 - 22:30
@ Studio Bis, 37bis rue de Montreuil , Paris [06 65 37 45 81]
metro Nation/ rue des Boulets /Faidherbe Chaligny
map attached

The 100 Hours of Live Telepathy, Reconstructed [minutes 1-30]: 
reconstruction of the Techniques of Live Telepathy as practiced by the 
Movietalkers of the Manchu Edison Film Corporation during the production 
of the Silent Sound Film known as "The Telepathic Motion Picture of THE 
LOST TRIBES", Taisho 37, Shinkyo, Manchuria

With Mr. Nipkow’s Spinning Manchurian Diorama, Reconstructed, as used to 
present the Telepathic Cinema at the 1931 Colonial World’s Fair, used 
here also for Live Presentation of the Living Telepathy, Reconstructed 
[minutes 1-30], with re-recordings of the new Amurian Music, including 
Ko-Omote on the Viola of Telepathy.

a live project by David Blair, with Michael Bianchi and Fabienne Stadelmann

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