[NetBehaviour] Trajectories: How to Reconcile the Careerist Mentality with Our Impending Doom Part 2.

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Trajectories: How to Reconcile the Careerist Mentality with Our 
Impending Doom Part 2.

by Ellie Harrison

 From September 2008 - June 2010, Ellie Harrison undertook a Leverhulme 
Scholarship on the Master of Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of 
Art. The thesis published forms one of the major outcomes of her 
research during this period. This is part 2, of four weekly articles to 
be published on Furtherfield.

Part 2, here:

How Can We Continue Making Art? - questions whether there is a place for 
art in a world which is fast approaching environmental catastrophe, and 
Altermoderism: The Age of Stupid (http://tinyurl.com/32a3wr7) published 
on Furtherfield (26/8/09) - which uses Nicolas Bourriaud's Altermodern 
exhibition at Tate Britain in 2009 as a paradigm for exploring the art 
world institution's lack of acknowledgement and action over climate change.

Trajectories: How to Reconcile the Careerist Mentality with Our 
Impending Doom, addresses the ethical implications of continuing to 
choose the career of an artist in the twenty-first century. It is a 
manifesto of sorts, written from the personal perspective of a young 
UK-based artist looking to identify worthwhile reasons for continuing 
down this 'self-interested' path, given that the future we are likely to 
face as a result of climate change, is so different from how we dreamt 
our careers might pan out whilst growing up under Thatcher and New 
Labour. It explores how we should aim to evolve our roles as artists, in 
light of this, and what form a new 'reconciled practice' might take.


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