[NetBehaviour] of ways, hysteric prose (for Sentence)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jun 24 22:23:01 CEST 2010

of ways, hysteric prose

"of ways. A text was written - in the form of a prose poem of hysteric"
dense prose as long as capital survives with its insistence on the hand
in turmoil - My subterfuge is literature; prose lends me its hand when
times and style perfect their moment of truth. Otherwise, prose envelops -

Darling, but her luminous prose moves through all her books - I haven't
- among father prose and mother poem and brother - theory,
but sometimes experimental prose and poetry - People sometimes
transpose lettrs, to ascertain the fixity of prose as my eyes scan, and
oh! - this is so like prose or simple poetry, writes jennifer here,
peering poetry, product out of the products,
prose out of the proses,
theory out of -

listen and do not fear the images and prose i send
in a prose so purified as to guarantee the imaginary transformation
of ways -
a text was written -

I do want to add that I find the distinction between prose and poetry
extremely problematic - Certainly prose is related to the poem
of hysteric ways -
- whereas prose 'seems' indexical, both participating in
distinction between prose and poetry, particularly in relation to
turmoil -

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