[NetBehaviour] Why Can't I Feel What I See?

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Fri Jun 25 17:23:05 CEST 2010

obvious - because you were brought up in lazy-a$$ U$A by kool-aid 
drinking sheeple brainwashed into thinking life is scary (it's safer to 
sit back, consume, and watch other people live). gotta bust through the 
lazy sheen and foggy maryj brain. recognition is first - good! hard work 
(in whatever form) is next. don't worry, it may not be fun, but it's 
satisfying; and you will have some laughs along the way. more than 
slogging through your day, anyway. i'm in the same boat, more or less, 
fighting through my fear of life, trying to have some fun and be some 
one, right ... now!

marc garrett wrote:
> Why Can't I Feel What I See?
> What is the happiness that has eluded our generation?
> Jeffrey Andreoni
> I can’t keep up with my grandfather. Whenever I see him, he’s rushing 
> off to the gym, going on a fishing trip or taking his “baby doll” out on 
> a date. My grandfather is 87 (his baby doll is 90) and he’s one of the 
> happiest people I know. At 32, my gleeful disposition seems to decrease 
> in inverse proportion to my years, and I’m left wondering how my 
> grandfather, who grew up poor in Hell’s Kitchen and fought overseas, is 
> so much more youthful and energetic than I am.
> Psychologist Martin Seligman conducted two studies in the 70s in which 
> people of different age groups were asked about depression. Comparing 
> the responses of different generations, Seligman found that younger 
> people were far more likely to have experienced depression than older 
> people. In fact, one study found that those born in the middle third of 
> the 20th century were ten times more likely to suffer from severe 
> depression than those born in the first third. So statistically, my 
> grandfather is more likely to be happy than me.
> I don’t get it. I was the first kid on my block to have a Nintendo. I 
> got a car on my 16th birthday. I didn’t have to work a single day in 
> college (unless you count selling homemade bongs at Phish concerts). My 
> grandfather grew up with nothing. He had to drop out of high school 
> during the Depression to help his family get by, earning money shining 
> the shoes of drunks at a local saloon. Why is my generation, one of 
> relative privilege and wealth, experiencing higher rates of depression 
> than any previous generation?
> more...
> https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/89/why-cant-i-feel-what-i-see.html
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