[NetBehaviour] Why Can't I Feel What I See?

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Mon Jun 28 14:00:33 CEST 2010

not that i agree w/ everything in it, but the following essay is related:

codebreaker wrote:
> obvious - because you were brought up in lazy-a$$ U$A by kool-aid 
> drinking sheeple brainwashed into thinking life is scary (it's safer to 
> sit back, consume, and watch other people live). gotta bust through the 
> lazy sheen and foggy maryj brain. recognition is first - good! hard work 
> (in whatever form) is next. don't worry, it may not be fun, but it's 
> satisfying; and you will have some laughs along the way. more than 
> slogging through your day, anyway. i'm in the same boat, more or less, 
> fighting through my fear of life, trying to have some fun and be some 
> one, right ... now!
> marc garrett wrote:
>> Why Can't I Feel What I See?
>> What is the happiness that has eluded our generation?
>> Jeffrey Andreoni
>> I can’t keep up with my grandfather. Whenever I see him, he’s rushing 
>> off to the gym, going on a fishing trip or taking his “baby doll” out on 
>> a date. My grandfather is 87 (his baby doll is 90) and he’s one of the 
>> happiest people I know. At 32, my gleeful disposition seems to decrease 
>> in inverse proportion to my years, and I’m left wondering how my 
>> grandfather, who grew up poor in Hell’s Kitchen and fought overseas, is 
>> so much more youthful and energetic than I am.
>> Psychologist Martin Seligman conducted two studies in the 70s in which 
>> people of different age groups were asked about depression. Comparing 
>> the responses of different generations, Seligman found that younger 
>> people were far more likely to have experienced depression than older 
>> people. In fact, one study found that those born in the middle third of 
>> the 20th century were ten times more likely to suffer from severe 
>> depression than those born in the first third. So statistically, my 
>> grandfather is more likely to be happy than me.
>> I don’t get it. I was the first kid on my block to have a Nintendo. I 
>> got a car on my 16th birthday. I didn’t have to work a single day in 
>> college (unless you count selling homemade bongs at Phish concerts). My 
>> grandfather grew up with nothing. He had to drop out of high school 
>> during the Depression to help his family get by, earning money shining 
>> the shoes of drunks at a local saloon. Why is my generation, one of 
>> relative privilege and wealth, experiencing higher rates of depression 
>> than any previous generation?
>> more...
>> https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/89/why-cant-i-feel-what-i-see.html
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