[NetBehaviour] Why Can't I Feel What I See?

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Mon Jun 28 14:42:47 CEST 2010

On 06/28/2010 01:00 PM, codebreaker wrote:
> not that i agree w/ everything in it, but the following essay is related:
> http://www.oftwominds.com/blogjun10/Eric-Andrews06-10.html

AN OLD MAN'S DREAM - The Red Krayola with Art & Language

An old man with nowhere to go
Lay down at the side of the road.
He slept and dreamed that he wasn't there,
And then he dreamed he was a millionaire

It didn't snow or rain in the land of Cockayne.

And after that old man awoke
The first person to whom he spoke
Was a psychoanalyst, a shrink,
Who said: "I'll help you, but first think,
And tell me in your sorry plight,
Exactly what you dreamed last night."

The old man replied. He said, "I don't know why you care,
I dreamed I was a millionaire."

The shrink explained what the dream had meant:
"Your dream has symbolic content:
The millionaire is a symbol of your father."
"A symbol, you say, of my father?"
The old man said, "*That is strange*..."
Then he asked the shrink for some change.

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