[NetBehaviour] a twinkly pie sound

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Wed Jun 30 13:34:52 CEST 2010

midi channel: check

this is sequencing a rhythmic pattern into two boundaries overlapping
in a single grid.
(each even in pattern gains pitch and velocity information once it is
placed into the grid).

there is some problem in the code that when an event can't be placed,
but should have been,
but not due to a lack of room but a pitch conflict (ie MIDI
restriction of voices/note-on/note-off sequences)
the event is still placed but no midi messages sent to yoshimi the softsynth.

the event is a block then, it blocks other events from occupying that
area until it is removed, however,

there is some problem in the code that when an event can't be placed
and becomes a block, the block is
not always or never removed and so free space gradually diminishes and
more events can't be placed,


here, this time, we have some MIDI channel information set, one of the
boundaries sends MIDI messages to one channel, and the other sends
them to another channel, but both to the same port - ie yoshimi - in
yoshimi we have two parts, one a lead-ish-bass sound, the other, a
twinkly, pie sound.


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