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Freespace is an exploration of the relationships built between people 
and place,
may they be urban, suburban or rural.  It looks to inhabit the everyday 
the space that once was, and space that is constantly in between. The 
being to develop a network of sites, through partnerships with 
individuals and
communities, to elucidate experiences of ownership, privacy, 
sustainability, and

The project asks the public to seek these spaces, defining them from 
their own
perspective. They may be conceptual, textual, or physical; and range in size
from micro to macro. The project looks to engage the range of
associations/relationships that people have with space, building a 
collection of
unique environments that take on meaning by the fact that they are 
located and catalogued.  In the end what will be defined is a breadth of
perspective that shows the vitality of peoples connection to space.

This weekend the project is involved with Urban Wilderness Action Center and
Electo Smog at Eyebeam in NYC.

See the website for how to get involved.


Matthew Slaats


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