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too right
On 16 Mar 2010, at 19:28, Curt Cloninger wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would just chime in here and reference Benjamin's famous "art in 
> the age of mechanical reproduction" essay written way back in 1935. 
> He notes the difference between painting as stationary/unique/cult 
> object vs. photography and film as mobile/multiple/aura-emptied 
> object(s). Benjamin recognizes a fundamental difference between 
> painting and photography -- a difference related to their 
> distribution and reception rather than simply their technical modes 
> of production. A million people can watch a James Cameron movie on 
> the same day, but a million people can't view the Mona Lisa on the 
> same day. This difference matters in terms of critical reception, 
> institutional politics, marketing, economics, space, time.
> You can call a James Cameron movie a painting if you like. You can 
> call amazon.com architecture if you like. You can call a generative 
> software algorithm improvisational theater if you like. What is 
> gained and what is lost by such analogies? At this point, "painting" 
> may gain more from being associated with "new media" than new media 
> gains from being associated with painting.
> Curt
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