[NetBehaviour] Quadrupal Dose of Radiation For All - OFCOM 3G Power Boost

dave miller dave.miller.uk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 15:05:52 CET 2010

OFCOM Propose a 4 Times Signal Power Boost to ALL 3G Mobile Masts in
the UK. Consequently, the UK Population will be subjected to
significantly more damaging microwave radiation – at a time when some
other countries are reducing their exposure limits.

The OFCOM consultation ends THIS Friday 19th March 2010. We urge all
concerned parties to object to OFCOM. Mast Sanity will be objecting
primarily on grounds of health.

There are 1000’s of studies (and this number is ever increasing)
pointing to harm from microwave exposure below the UK exposure
guidelines. This proposed increase will only make matters much worse.
OFCOM is not in a position to consider the health aspect of this
increase in exposures. It looks solely at the technical aspects.

Mast Sanity will be calling upon OFCOM to withdraw their proposals for
this 3G Signal Power Increase. Consultations need to be sent to OFCOM
by THIS Friday 19th March 2010 via the web form at

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