[NetBehaviour] About Networked Painting

Yann Le Guennec info at x-arn.org
Thu Mar 18 15:21:44 CET 2010

(well, i try another reply strategy in order to allow this post to go
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In reply to Curt Cloninger :

Yes, that's for me a very important point to address. In several works
(1) i use the IP address of the spectator to compose the picture, so the
picture is unique according to this spectator. The picture takes place
only where the spectator is looking at it. From this point of view
(reception, uniqueness of the picture), it seems that it has more
to do with painting than with photography or algorithmic generative art.

This is conceptually ok if i don't save generated pictures and show them
to others. It's a another possibility, but it changes the relation
between the spectator and the picture, and as a consequence, the nature
of the picture. 'Networked painting' is a way to explore this
relational/interaction space between users/spectators and pictures.

(1) examples:


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