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Hi Jason,

here is the start of the interview :-)

I will add all the bio & info bits another time...

Marc Garrett: You have been making artworks for many years now and one 
of my early experiences with your work was with Frostbite2 
(http://www.furtherfield.org/jnelson/frostbite2.html). A net art piece 
featured on Furtherfield in 2001. I recently revisited the work and 
found it strangley hypnotic, the soundwork seemed equally important. 
"Jason Nelson makes claims that he isn't a musician. I am deprived of 
the physical ability to play an instrument, he says: I only manipulate 
preexisting sound. And yet, one of the most striking things about his 
new work [...] is the spacious use of sound." Lewis LaCook.

If we can put aside what type of art you are making, genre-wise for the 
moment. I would first of all, like to discuss about your use of and 
combination of three strong elements - poetry, image and sound. To me, 
they all significant and contributing factors in making a whole work. I 
am wondering whether your creation of sound in your art and your 
relationship with it, has changed since LaCook's article way back in 2003?

..........I will discuss poetry and image with you once you have 
answered this question, if that's ok.

Wishing you well.


> All an announcement,
> To spread the alarmingly grand world of digital poetry, I’m
> (re)launching my digital poetry portal Heliozoa.  It contains dozens of
> artworks, with descriptions, videos and all manner of giganticness.
> http://www.heliozoa.com
> And before you pass out from superhappyitis, please do share these
> oddities everywhere, everywhere.
> more cheers than cheers allow,  Jason Nelson

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