[NetBehaviour] creativity error: "i can't be bothered"

James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 10:58:04 CET 2010


i need help with my creativity, i keep getting error messages like "i
can't be bothered", "it's all worthless" etc. i've tried different
flags and switches and settings but nothing helps. i'm wondering if
i've overloaded it or something. the log files are full of nonsense
like this:

with regard to
true human it concern,
wit regard two
truth man it converse,
wick re garden true,
to whom it may convert
with regal to,
to hummus mace ontology.

there's snapped the typical dragon back, flutter blink, spin swindle.
corporate punishment flag spot rust wing...

the god of creativity is no more god than i
the glob of creativity is more no gob tan(-i)
the gob of creativity SHOUTS DIE DIE DIE

society 1 - self 0

any ideas?


: http://jwm-art.net/

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