[NetBehaviour] Neural.it gives our book Artists Re: Thinking Games :-)

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Nov 3 12:20:19 CET 2010

Neural.it gives our book Artists Re: Thinking Games :-)

Artists Re: Thinking Games.?

"Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, the two founders of Furtherfield (a 
collaborative artist-led community and organization dealing with art, 
technology and social change since 1996) are joined by artist and 
curator Corrado Morgana in editing this nice compendium of texts about 
game art. In the Furtherfield tradition the book is centered on artistic 
practice and is engaged with re-thinking games and their set of expected 
rules and stereotypes..."

On Neural.it

Read more here...

And buy it here...
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