[NetBehaviour] creativity error: "i can't be bothered"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 3 15:06:10 CET 2010

keep going. your work's great. 
tan(-i) is imaginary anyway.
don't expect anything. you do a lot; so do i. pretty much there's silence
and no feedback.
don't expect payment. you're work's not commercial. the people i know who 
do 'well' - which isn't well - spend all their time tuning the artworld, 
their work, openings, applications. that doesn't mean their stuff's 
interesting. they'll make the history books- they already have - but the 
stuff feels - most of the time - like a straightjacket. 
someone told me once if i kept pushing boundaries i shouldn't expect 
anything from the public - that's the nature of the work i do. but they 
liked the fact i was 'uncompromising.'
your jobs sound miserable and if i were a grant agency you'd get one. are 
you applying for things?
this doesn't help, but it's the best i can do. i like your work of course 
- that goes without saying - and i'm not alone in this by far.
finally the world's just fucked up. and after these elections more so. 
we're all in a hard winter.

- alan

On Wed, 3 Nov 2010, James Morris wrote:

> hi,
> i need help with my creativity, i keep getting error messages like "i
> can't be bothered", "it's all worthless" etc. i've tried different
> flags and switches and settings but nothing helps. i'm wondering if
> i've overloaded it or something. the log files are full of nonsense
> like this:
> with regard to
> true human it concern,
> wit regard two
> truth man it converse,
> wick re garden true,
> to whom it may convert
> with regal to,
> to hummus mace ontology.
> there's snapped the typical dragon back, flutter blink, spin swindle.
> corporate punishment flag spot rust wing...
> the god of creativity is no more god than i
> the glob of creativity is more no gob tan(-i)
> the gob of creativity SHOUTS DIE DIE DIE
> society 1 - self 0
> any ideas?
> thanks,
> james.
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