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WalkSpace for the iPhone

WalkSpace is an alternative walking art app for the iPhone to let you 
navigate the city in a new and unexpected way.

A selection of cultural and everyday routes are remapped to your current 
location, these routes range from cultural trails such as routes from 
James Joyce's Ulysses to individual daily walks. Walks can be shared 
with photos and route maps and users can add their own routes to the app.

WalkSpace is designed to take you places you mightn't otherwise go, to 
see familiar places in a new light opening a window to chance encounters 
and experiences. The app is inspired by the Situationist derive and acts 
as a locative media version of the classic experimental technique for 
re-enchanting the city.

WalkSpace is a locative media art project by Conor McGarrigle now 
available as a free download from the appstore.


Available from the appstore

Conor McGarrigle

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