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The History of Financial Crises
Ellie Harrison

7th - 28th November 2010

For this solo show in Market Gallery's new space I'm exhibiting two 
installations including The History of Financial Crises, in which the 
turbulent history of capitalism over the last century is re-enacted each 
day by a row of popcorn making machines.

OPENING: Saturday 6th November, 19:00 - 21:00
ARTIST'S TALK: Saturday 6th November, 19:30
OPEN: Thursday - Sunday, 11:00 - 17:00

Market Gallery
334 Duke Street
G31 1QZ


Art and the Economy
Forum Event

Saturday 6th November 2010

This FREE day-long event marks Market Gallery's 10th anniversary and 
aims to explore the relationship between art and the economy. It 
features presentations and discussion from Francis McKee, Mark Fisher, 
Mark Robinson, Peter McCaughey and Ellie Harrison.

2nd Floor
Barras Bargains
London Road / Bain Street
G40 2ST

RSVP to: market at marketgallery.org.uk

Fireworks Display

Ellie Harrison's
Fireworks Display!

Just in time for Guy Fawkes Night this Friday 5th November, I've finally 
got round to uploading a video clip of the Fireworks Display performance 
I staged earlier in the year at the Glue Factory, Glasgow.

As the sister work to The History of Financial Crises, this performance 
spectacle is a one-woman attempt to re-enact a chronology of 'the 
history of revolution' over the course of the last 360 years via the 
medium of pyrotechnics.

More information
Video documentation

Digital Media Labs

Stuart Childs, Ross Dalziel, Michael Day, Ellie Harrison, Bob Levene, 
Victoria Lucas, Lawrence Molloy, John O'Shea, David Priestman and 
Eleanor Weir.

A group exhibition of touch screen artworks and experiments created 
during the Digital Media Labs residency at Hull School of Art & Design 
from 24th - 30th October 2010, including my piece Scratch Cards and How 
clean is your mouse? made in collaboration with Bob Levene.

OPENING: Thursday 4th November, 16:00 - 19:00
OPEN: Friday 5th November, 11:00 - 17:00

11 Humber Street


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