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________________________________________________4 November 2010_

Contain This! Leaks, Whistle-Blowers and the Networked News Ecology

By Felix Stalder

In the wake of WikiLeaks' recent headline-busting exposés, a very
different news and informational landscape is emerging. Whilst
acknowledging the structural leakiness of networked organisations, Felix
Stalder finds deeper lying reasons for the crisis of information
security and the new distribution of investigative journalism



*No Room to Move: Radical Art and the Regenerate City*


Edited by Josephine Berry Slater & Anthony Iles

Featuring projects and interviews with: Alberto Duman, Freee, Nils
Norman, Laura Oldfield Ford and Roman Vasseur

As the Creative City model for urban regeneration founders on the rocks
of the recession, and the New Labour public art commissioning frenzy it
triggered recedes, Anthony Iles and Josephine Berry Slater take stock of
an era of highly instrumentalised public art making.

Focusing on artists and consultants who have engaged critically with the
exclusionary politics of urban regeneration, their analysis locates such
practice within a schematic history of urban development's neoliberal mode.

Breaking down into a report and a collection of interviews, this
investigation consistently focuses on the forms and, indeed, possibility
of critical public art within a regime that fetishes 'creativity' whilst
systematically destroying its preconditions in its pursuit of capital
accumulation. How, they ask, is critical art shaped by its interaction
with this aspect of biopolitical governance?

For review copies or more information please contact Caroline Heron
caroline at metamute.org / (+44) 20 3287 9005

Available in softback only

ISBN 978 -- 1 -- 906496 -- 42 -- 5

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Mute Publishing Ltd
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London, London W1F 0LP
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