[NetBehaviour] Enphonic Graphomania, the visual sound of mania.

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Enphonic Graphomania, the visual sound of mania.

In the First Surrealist Manifesto (1924) surrealism was defined in terms 
of automatism: "pure psychic automatism, by which an attempt is made to 
express, either verbally, in writing or in any other manner, the true 
functioning of thought". One of the drawing techniques adopted to reveal 
the unconscious was Entopic Graphomania in which a dot is made at the 
site of each impurity or difference in colour in a blank sheet of paper, 
and then lines are drawn between the dots. In his latest work, Enphonic 
Graphomania (EG), Patrick Harrop has been inspired by this technique and 
has applied it to an interactive framework. EG is "an interactive 
drawing interface developed as a device for the co-structured 
development of drawing and sound pieces through the gestural and 
material actions of traditional drawing techniques".

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