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Real-Time-Nomads starts with the observation that immigration is a vital 
and fascinating aspect of urban reality. Cities have always been places 
where people of various backgrounds converge. Yet Europe's cultural 
diversity is not necessarily seen as enriching, but some specific groups 
are perceived as "problematic fringe groups".

The objective of the project is to analyze the multi- dimensional spaces 
in which we move and to explore the boundaries of intercultural 
communication. The results are reflected in a multimedia installation.
Swiss artist Maja Weyermann has interviewed shopkeepers and food stand 
owners from different cultural backgrounds in Berlin and worked with 
them to reconstruct their memories of rooms and spaces from their 
childhoods in their countries of origin. The artist virtually simulated 
these reconstructed rooms in 3-D.

The completed installation combines elements of the remembered rooms and 
the current workspaces of the interview partners. The medium of 3-D 
simulation allows for the creation of virtual space rooted in private 
memory. This process makes these realms, in which perception and 
imagination are merged, accessible to others.

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