[NetBehaviour] Aquisitions for the new media art collection of MOCAV at view

Andrej Tisma aart at eunet.rs
Sun Nov 7 19:16:34 CET 2010

My pleasure is to inform you that these days (Nov. 2nd) the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, opened the show of their acquisitions of new media art works which will be part of their permanent collection. Included are 12 artists and groups, among them Vuk Cosic, Heath Bunting, Bogdanka Poznanovic, Association Apsolutno, Predrag Sidjanin, Andrej Tisma... http://www.msuv.org/exhibitions/2010/medijska_praksa/medijska_praksa.html 
Cutaror of the show is Kristian Lukic. The show will last till Dec. 2nd.
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