[NetBehaviour] The Janus Machine by Kyle McDonald.

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The Janus Machine by Kyle McDonald.

While sitting at the chair in front of the scanner you are bathed in 
structured light, allowing the shape of your profile to be digitized and 
archived. This portrait, an attempt to capture your likeness in three 
dimensions, is compared to a library of other portraits captured in the 
same manner. From these comparisons emerges an outline of the captured 
form: a playful perspective on your relationship to others, built from 
light, inviting you to explore further.

Janus is a god from Roman mythology, strongly associated with 
transitions and duality: young and old, coming and going, or the past 
and future. Janus is often depicted with two faces, each facing in 
opposite directions. "The Janus Machine" offers a modern corollary for 
this ancient metaphor and mythology.

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