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M A D A T A C  02
Be warned!

MADATAC Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts Festival is preparing a powerful 
video art battery booster.

In a few days we will upload our new website (www.madatac.es)

In the meantime, take a look at the official festival trailer: 

Artists, art collectors, critics, curators, gallery owners, museum 
directors, video art lovers and anyone interested what's cooking up in 
contemporary audio-visual languages, is invited to come to Madrid to 
participate in the festival, from Tuesday night, November 30th, to 
Sunday noon, December 5th.

As we work on a ultra-limited budget we can't invite everyone of you 
(although we wish we could), so if you need an official invitation from 
the festival to ask for travel and lodgements grants, we will be glad to 
send you one at your request.

If you want to reserve an hotel room,please contact with production 
responsible, Marta Alvarez: malvarez at madatac.es

See you soon in groovy Madrid City!

All the best!

Madatac / Transfera Staff
info at transfera.es

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