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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sun Nov 14 13:16:26 CET 2010

Hi Vito,

Thank you for letting the Netbehaviour list know about the publication 
of your book 'new book: Web Aesthetics, How Digital Media Affect Culture 
and Society'. Looking forward to reading it :-)

Wishing you well.

> Dear Netbehaviourists,
> I am proud to announce the appearance of my new book: Web Aesthetics, 
> How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society  (Institute of Network 
> Cultures and NAi Publishers).
> The book deals with two major topics: the aestheticization of society 
> and the global diffusion of Web-related forms.
> This is the table of content:
> Introduction
> Chapter I - Dialogue Inside and Outside the Web
> Closed Monads
> Spam and Viruses: The Evil to Be Eradicated
> New Media Culture
> Chapter II - Aesthetic Diffusion
> A Short History of the Concept of Aesthetic Experience
> Diffuse Aesthetics
> Theory of Memes
> Aby Warburg: The Concept of Engram
> Meme Gallery
> Chapter III - Aesthetic Experience on the Web
> To Flow or Not to Flow
> Fictions
> Optical and Haptic
> Chapter IV - Aesthetic Experience and Digital Networks
> Travellers in the Aesthetic Matrix
> The DivX and MP3 Experience
> The Centrality of the Eye
> Digital Cameras and the Will of Technology
> What to Fill Digital Memories With?
> Chapter V - Remix as Compositional Practice
> Innovation and Repetition
> Remix It Yourself
> Remix Ethics
> Machinic Subjectivity
> The book is already available in bookstores and on naipublishers.com
> I am not sure yet when and where launches and presentations will be 
> held. For now I am on cloud nine and can't stop flipping through the 
> pages.
> Thanks for everyone who supported me in the writing.
> With regards,
> Vito
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