[NetBehaviour] Disabilites and type (BTW, I still _do_ exist...)

Lichty, Patrick plichty at colum.edu
Mon Nov 15 05:05:04 CET 2010

Birisi yazdı-
"Has anyone thought of the visual consequences for visually impaired people, blue type on such a yellow background is very difficult for me to read, daft as the previous grey background. Think of of disability web standards they do exist, for an artists/creatives email site to display such behaviour is ridiculous, please have plain white background with black type."

So, I was sittign there with a buddy of mine at the SLSA conference last month, and they;re going on about cateorical clustering of genres and chronologues, and the speaker is going on about how there are 9.... My pal says, "What's he saying?  There are 4!", and at that time I find out he has selective color blindness...

Exactly.  We have to kkeep these things in mind.

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