[NetBehaviour] Found Art Criticism

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Nov 16 11:02:42 CET 2010


I present Found Art Criticism:

"Kanye West’s intermittent tweets about art always make my day, so you
can imagine my joy when I saw these tweets pop up in my feed"


Here's an example of Kanye West's art-related tweets from the post:

"Like yo this Mark Rothko is the shit! You see it works. This is a break
through people. I now know how to communicate art! YES!!!!"


Notice how this has more critical content and social context than your
average self-identified art criticism or theory blog post. Now we just
need to form a Surf Club to nominate found art criticism and theory
texts. All conscious critical and theoretical activity on the internet
will be rendered irrelevant.

We could even do it as art, which would problematise it and make it
resistant to simply being meta-nominated. Chris Anderson may have been
wrong about Google replacing the scientific method, but if it can
replace art for the cultural management (and God knows they've been
trying to make it do so) then it can replace criticism and theory (and
curation) as well.

All problems of critique will be solved by the Muntzes.

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