[NetBehaviour] pain of the solitary artist, the

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Tue Nov 16 15:01:02 CET 2010

pain of the solitary artist, the

james morris 13:44:04 Tuesday 16th November 2010

the pain of the solitary artist is a spectacle of the imagination
for the temptation to resist such a pain is manifold carburetor
induction coil little finger shenanigans forest blasphemy boil

incorporated in such a schematic, one can find,
random intuitions gliding on sun drops of freshly squeezed lemons,
contaminated beam spouts and iridescent copulating telemetries

nonsense decried declared eclairs crushed to death half by quarter to
six in the day time,
venerable vultures capitalize MC Escher drawings,
quite delightful in a way,
but the other way, that is the, pain of the solitary artist, the.

is quite unbeaten and flourishes in compost bins around the Lagrangian
ointment of inter-species shit disposal[1] in inter-bread corpuscles.

when it seems unbearable, artist, the, must,

creep around on tiptoes ushering in the new lawn and performing the
stretching exercises of the new, trendy albums for my teenager's char
*strchr(const char *s, int c);

[1] http://www.survivaltopics.com/survival/how-to-shit-outdoors/

but fear not ye, for thou is expounded, and your contamination replete
in the vortex of business-class surrenders
buttressed fortress of splendor, fill thy mind with thoughts of fleshy thigh,
and render mandelbrot set fractals intrepid explorer of the bush,
purloin the fender of cache-driven hot-hatched bigot buses

  499  ./mdz
  500  mdz
  501  gzip mathematical_complexity_of_inertia_the.txt
  502  history | tail
  503  less mathematical_complexity_of_inertia_the.txt.gz
  504  dict lagrange
  505  man strchr
  506  dict expounded
  507  dict replete
  508  history | tail

: http://jwm-art.net/
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